Race and Ethnicity in Police Employment Practices

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Race and Ethnicity in Police Employment Practices
Isabel R. Rodriguez
University of Phoenix
October 3, 2011
Blanche Cook

Race and Ethnicity in Police Employment Practices
An important part of the United States workforce is made up of police officers. The number of police officers employed has grown drastically over the past few years. However, although the number of police officers employed has increased, public scrutiny has as well. The police employment practices have affected the publics’ perception of the police because of the factors involved as well as the desire to seek employment in law enforcement. The paper below will describe some of the factors involved with race and ethnicity when seeking police careers.
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Police department would be under severe scrutiny and faced with several demands and lawsuits in pursuant to the Civil Rights Movement, in which American police forces are required to be more ethnically diverse.
Activities like police brutality, corruption scandals, illicit drug use, and other criminal actions committed by law enforcement officers do little to depict the positive image the law enforcement agencies are struggling to achieve. These issues distill doubt in police practices and misunderstandings of certain police protocols. The reputation police officers have received is because of the media headlines in recent police misconduct, which has questioned the integrity of the officers. The community loses their confidence in the police and the local law enforcement agencies; even more so when the situation involves race and ethnicity. An officer’s behavior tarnishes the image of the people as he or she is expected to meet a certain standard than that of the common citizen. In a day-to-day basis, the community watches the interaction officers has with the residents of a community and determine if the officer is abiding by those standards. This image is crucial in a community where the majority of minorities live. The police officers of the community are expected to be shield society from harm, not be a part of it. The most important duty an officer has in society is to protect the rights of all the citizens regardless of his or her color, gender, race,


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