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Easycar.com: Strategic service system design.
|Author: |Lawrence, John J.; Solis, Luis |
|Article Type: |Case study |
|Geographic Code: |4EUUK |
|Date: |May 1, 2005 |
|Words: |5794 |
|Publication: |Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies |
|ISSN: |1078-4950 |

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Plans called for a quadrupling of revenues in the next two years in preparation for a planned initial public offering in the second half of 2004. EasyCar's goal was to reach 100 million [pounds sterling]in revenue and 10 million [pounds sterling] in profit for the year 2004. The 100 million [pounds sterling] revenue goal and 10 million [pounds sterling] profit goal were felt necessary to obtain the desired return from an IPO. It was thought that with this level of performance, the company might be worth about 250 million [pounds sterling] (Hodgson, 2002). In order to achieve these financial goals, the company was pushing to open an average of 2 new sites a week through 2003 and 2004 to reach a total of 180 sites by the end of 2004 (Simpkins, 2002).


The Western European rental car industry consisted of many different national markets that were only semi-integrated. While there were many companies that competed within this European rental car industry, a handful of companies held dominant positions, either across a number of national markets or within one or a few national markets. Industry experts saw the sector as ripe for consolidation (Marketing week, 2002). Several international companies--notably Avis, Europcar, and Hertz--had strong positions across most major European


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