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Web-based Enrollment Information System for Asian Computer College

A Thesis Proposal Presented to the
Computer Studies Department
City College of Calamba
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree

For Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
3rd Rev. SY 2011-2012

Bagsic, Abegail C.

Dela Cruz, Jeaniva C.

Recamata, Julie Ann A.

August 2011

1.0 The Problem and its Background

1.1 Introduction

Modern technology is a part of our daily life. It helps individuals and industries perform their tasks and daily routines, including their transactions. Modern technology gives an advantage in accomplishing our work. This technology includes devices and information systems that help us attain faster and reliable
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3. Searching of data is an automatic function of the system. The system indexes the records quicker searches.

However the proposed system has limitations:

1. Online payment, the students should personally pay their accounts in the school cashier.

2. Only authorized school personnel and duly registered and allowed students may use this system.

1.7 Definition of Terms

ACC – Asian Computer College, an institution which offer pre-schooling, elementary and high school education.

Database – a secured storage area for data and information; use for record keeping and retrieval

2.0 Review of Related Studies

3.0 Research Methodology

3.1 Research Design

It is a work plan, but not just a work a plan. It is a work plan or it can be thought of as the structure of research that contains all the details what has to be done to complete the study, it is the one that holds all of the aspects in a research project together. Summarize a multifaceted plan formation efficiently. So the function of this is to ensure that the data obtained enables us to answer the initial question as clearly as possible. Obtaining appropriate data entail specifying the type of data needed to answer the research question, to test a theory, to evaluate a programme or to accurately describe some phenomenon. The proponents used the descriptive method in doing this study, aside from searching for the things that they may


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