March 2003 and Market Niche

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Qijin Feng 997347740 RSM322H1F L 0201 Professor D.L.Losell September 29TH , 2011
TO: Manager of the Distillers Delight in the United Kingdom
From: Consultant
Date: September 29th, 2011
Subject: The strategy of the company and the problems the company faced in 2003
As the case stated, there existed a lot of problems in Distillers Delight in the United Kingdom in 2003. In addition, the strategy the company adopted affects the performance of the brand significantly.
The strategy that the company adopted may be the market niche. Market niche is a strategy adopted when there is a
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In the fiscal year ending June 2003, revenues decreased 16% to GBP 9, 440 million ($14,995 million).
Per nod Ricard, the world's third largest spirits maker, manufactures and distributes wines and spirits. For the fiscal year ended December 2003, the company generated revenues of $5,068 million.
Bacardi is the world's bestselling rum manufacturer. In the fiscal year ending March
2003, the company generated sales of $3,100 million.
Allied Domecq, the world’s second largest distiller, primarily engages in the production of wines and spirits. The company also operates quick-service restaurants. For the fiscal year ended August 2003, the company generated revenues of (£3,410 million) $5,372 million, a growth of 4% over the previous year.
Constellation Brands, formerly known as Canandaigua Brands, is the world’s second largest wine producer. For year ending February 2003, revenues were $3,583.08 million, an increase of 5% on the previous year Appendix E
Neither Hamilton nor any of his associates had anticipated any excise-tax increase, let alone the 60 percent increase that took effect shortly after the 2003 fiscal year began
(“Managerial Accounting and Decision Making”, McGraw-Hill Create p. 5).


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