Charles & Keith

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IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION DIVERSE WORKFORCE ON OUTLETS Charles & Keith’s company has a priority on recruiting people to work in the company’s workforce through their rules and regulations. Their priority is to recruit people who have a true potential in handling the customers, numbers and visual merchandising. The company also accept the local and non-local employees to handle the outlets. Besides, the company should have a limitation to recruit the non-local employee based on government’s policies. CUSTOMER TYPE Globalization has a big impact on deciding the customer type of Charles & Keith’s Company. It has a big impact on their product development, career development, brand progression, and other practices. Charles & Keith’s …show more content…

Focusing on global competition, productivity and quality In Charles & Keith, productivity is generally high and is at a relatively low cost to provide affordable prices for customer, therefore compromising on quality, their products tend to be less durable and has a cheap finish. To cope with global competition, Charles & Keith have to deal with this problem, as customer nowadays have shift from buying affordable but not durable products to more expensive yet good quality products. In Charles & Keith, other then quality issues and employment issues, they are doing quite a good job in coping with global competition, by expanding their business throughout the world, whereby Charles & Keith can grow and thrive into a global company. Workplace diversity Workplace diversity can both be an advantage and a disadvantage to a company. To be a successful company, company must learn to manage workplace diversity to their full advantage. Workplace diversity can be seen in terms of age, gender, race, ethnic composition, religion and nationality. Workplace diversity can help in the shift from manufacturing to a service industry, employees in the service industry needs to understand the needs and expectation of their customers. With customers base that is diverse, company with a diverse workforce come in handy to enable smooth operations and more cordial interactions between company and their customers. There is this


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