World War Ii Weapon Advances

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The Advances of Weaponry During World War II

In every war fought throughout the history of mankind, the dependence on weapons was highly sought after. From swords to guns, weaponry has progressed throughout the ages with each war fought. No other war has seen more advances in weaponry than World War II. Many of those advances made this war focused on artillery, land vehicles, naval ships and aircraft. These advances, although beneficial, have also led to more bloodshed on the battlefield because they can do a lot more damage than their previous versions. Understanding these advances helped the Allied Powers win over the Axis in many battles, but both sides contributed many advances in weaponry. One of the biggest contributions that
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("Encyclopedia Britannica") Another ship that sought great improvement was the aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier, although in service during World War I, played a huge role for the United States in the Pacific wars against Japan during World War II. Most of the battles that were fought over the Pacific Ocean used planes that were from aircraft carriers. Many innovations came about for aircraft carriers, like making them lightweight. Making them lighter helped out to provide a fast way to provide additional planes. There were two smaller types of aircraft carriers as well. They included escort and merchant ships. With no lift or hangar as regular carriers have, it made it easier to deploy the planes. Escort carriers were mainly used to deal with anti-submarine warfare and provide some defense for the bigger carrier. (Germisnsky) The contributions made to aircraft during World War II were the most important in deciding the victory for the Allies over the Axis. Like the naval ships that carried them, they were the main contenders for many battles fought over the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese also used the aircraft itself as a weapon to do damage to ships, otherwise known as kamikaze bombing. The biggest innovation that came to aviation was the introduction of the jet engine. It was first commercialized by Germany for the first jet-powered fighter plane. One problem with it was that it consumed more fuel than the Germans had on hand, so


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