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NUR 647E Week 1 Discussion Questions
Review the competencies for the nurse educator role of your choice (either hospital-based or academic; ANA or NLN) in the assigned readings. Select one competency and share it with your classmates. Be sure to address why you selected the one you did. Discuss how you have already met it or how you plan to meet it as you embark on your journey as a nurse educator. Support your response with literature.
How do you see health care reform affecting the role of the nurse educator? Use the literature to support your response. Be specific to your selected area of interest.

NUR 647E Week 2 Discussion
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Select a course you took lately and look for the principles of andragogy or pedagogy in the course structure. Share your findings with your classmates and whether or not you thought the curriculum was effective. Support your response with literature and with examples.
What learning theory do you see as the foundation for this course? Support your response with literature and with examples.

NUR 647E Week 6 Discussion Questions
Complete the Learning Styles Inventory found at: This is a free tool that you can take called the Learning Styles Inventory. Once you have obtain your results by answering the 20 questions, you will then answer the following questions: What is your personal learning style? How did your results compare to what you already knew about your personal learning style? How do you think your learning style affects your teaching style?
How would Maslow’s hierarchy of needs affect a person’s readiness to learn? Include an example from your selected area of education (academic, staff, or patient). Support your response with literature.

NUR 647E Week 7 Discussion Questions
1-Find a current (less than 5 years old) research article on domains of learning.