Target’s Internal and External Factors

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Internal and External Factors Paper

Target’s Internal and External Factors
Target is an American retailing company founded in 1902. It is the second largest discount retailer in the United States (, 2013). Targets mission is to make their store the preferred sopping destination for their guests by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional guest experience by consistently fulfilling their “Expect more pay less” brand promise. In order for Target to compete with the number one largest competitor Wal-Mart the four functions of management must be implemented in their strategic business plan. In this paper our team will explain how internal and external factors affect the four functions of
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The four functions of management are affected by the internal and external factors that cause a successful production and achieve the company’s goal. The functions of management are; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Diversity is an internal factor the greatly persuades the four functions of management. Education, experience, gender, age, race, and ethnicity are represented by diversity. Employers must abide by certain laws and regulations in order to implement diverse employees to avoid unfairness and include individual talent and experience to an organization to acquire a set of purpose and goals (Allen J., n d). The planning is the first function of management and can make use of employment of a diverse faction of employees. This function is used to categorize resources and make resolution on how employees in a business will successfully complete a specific goal. The next function is organizing and this is utilized by placing employees into units, team, or groups in order to create cohesion and procedures to accomplish their goals. The third function of management is leadership. Senior level managerial personnel are responsible for companies that are dedicated to effectively support managing diversity. This person is usually responsible for a large group or team and will maintain the budget also. The fourth and final function of


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