Business Negotiation

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Business Negotiation Case Study #1
Social Welfare
Son Na Young

Q1. Does Vinod Khosla have a real chance at changing Computervision’s decision? Does Sun have a better product? Can Sun be regarded as a reliable long- term vendor? The order that Computervision is requesting is too lareger for Sun to handle at the moment and the product is regarded as incomplete. Moreover, Sun has no striking reputation compared to Apollo. Since the contract between Computervision and Apollo, Sun's major competitor, has already been signed, Khosla has to persuade Computervision with their advantages as best as they could to get a chance to change their decision. Sun has the ability to widen their target customers and they need to appeal
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Once they start working together, they are most likely to form a positive synergy. Then, Computervision can help Sun with their weakness which is finance and marketing at the moment. With this assist, the problem with not meeting the demanded supply would be solved. With the right support, Sun can become a leading corporate for workstations which is why a contract with Computervision is crucial at the moment. Sun has a huge vision and future in front of them, therefore, they need to keep on trying to persuade Computervision with their benefits.

3. What are the consequences of not doing this deal? If Apollo and Computervision set on a long term relationship, Sun would suffer a lot. Sun is a corporation that has just started to build a reputation in the field of workstations. However, Apollo is not. If with this contract becomes a success with Apollo and Computervision, and Apollo grows its reputation in this field, the company itself will become the industry standard and there would be no other companies that could get into this field at all in order to compete. However, Sun is trying to become an industry standard themselves. Thus, in order to be the first one to achieve such goal, successfully negotiating with Computervision and persuading them is essential. They should keep on appealing that their technology fits the personal computing and industry work and make this deal


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