Disney Theme Park to India

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Disney Theme Park to India
This report is aim to analyze profitable adventure of The Walt Disney Company to set up Disneyland theme park in India. As one of main emerging markets in Asia, India might be the next destination for The Walt Disney Company to target on. Therefore, this report uses a series of marketing tools to demonstrate the macro-environment and micro-environment in India, such as PESTEL, SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces Model and Self Referencing Criteria. Based on this analysis, the current situation of India shows an attractive prospect to Disney in terms of economic and technological development, the diversification of culture, and the acceptance of Disney products and services.


India with its
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In 2007, Eleventh Plan (2007-2012) was published by Indian government and government formulate target of 9% per year on GDP growth. In the past 16 years, India’s steady reforms make India has strong economic performance, although sustain the performance going forward need to do more (MF, 2007:1). Although India is a low middle income, India’s higher-income states have successfully reduced poverty to levels comparable with the richer Latin American countries (The World Bank, 2010).

Social Analysis
The Indian society is divided into three classes: lower class, middle class and upper class (Driver and Driver, 1987). According to Beteille (2001, cited in Mawdsley, 2004), the economy driver, as well as the major consumer group in India is the middle class, which is driving the economy towards success and development. Furthermore, referred to Misra (1961), the number of the middle class has been increased explosively during the last decade and the characteristic in India is its diversity in terms of language, religion and caste. In other words, India has the most diversity of middle class in the world through calculation (ibid). To the constraints on growth and distribution of wealthy part, firstly, the faster agricultural development can raise the overall rate of growth. Secondly, the distribution of income in industry and agriculture can affect the growth rate through its effect on demand


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