The Future of Theme Parks in International Tourism

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The Future of Theme Parks in International Tourism |by Clive B. Jones & John Robinett
|State Of The Industry
|Theme Parks And Tourism
|Developing Trends
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In the U.S., Disney’s first attraction, Disneyland, founded the industry. In |
|Florida, Disney’s attraction converted an unknown swamp into America’s premier tourist destination and |
|attraction market, and in Japan, Tokyo Disneyland spurred growth of the Japanese theme park industry. We |
|believe Disney will have a significant impact on the attractions’ industry in France and Europe. This |
|impact will be in six key areas: |
|EuroDisney will expand the overall European theme park industry and focus the industry in Paris by |
|creation of a multi-park destination attraction complex. |
|Disney will educate the market as to the theme park product, the quality of the theme park experience, |
|and the value of the pay-one-price admission for a day of quality entertainment. |
|Disney will provide price leadership in the market. This will allow others to price up to Disney levels. |
|EuroDisney will create marketing awareness. Disney’s well established and creative marketing programs |
|will create awareness in the market and also enlighten competitors relative to the use of effective |


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