Where in the World Is Disney

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Presented to: Carol (Seminar 11 for BFP1101 Professional Development)
Executive Summary:
This report provides in depth information about the location of the next location for Disney Land. It analyses, evaluates, and provides recommendation for the expansion of Disney Land in the three chosen cities; Barcelona, Spain, Istanbul, Turkey and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The method of analysis included an in depth research of all three chosen cities in consideration
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Therefore, Disney should totally understand religion culture of the city before blending into the city. After entering the target city, communication, to be more specific, language must be another element taken into account. Language is not only words and sentences but also speaking skills and manners of discourse. We say ‘G’day’ in Australia but ‘Have you eaten?’ in China. Talking in familiar way makes Disney and its visitors get closer, and a nice greeting means a nice beginning. Apart from these, eating and living habits, transportation preferences are aspects that should be considered as well.

2. Candidate City Background
2.1 Barcelona (Spain)
Barcelona is the second city in Spain after Madrid, and the capital of Catalonia. As the cultural capital of Spain, Barcelona reflects Spanish ethos, presenting people of medieval buildings, innovative ideas and romantic nightlife. In fact, as the Canadian critic Ric Knowles states, ‘the function of festivals is mainly the representative of theatrical version of late-capitalist globalization, postmodern marketplace for the exchange, not so much of culture as of cultural capital’ (Buffery et al. 2004). It is located between the sea and the mountain, which from a warm and gentle temperature through the whole year. With a temperature range from 14.7 centigrades to 20.1 centigrades, during which has 83 rainfall days. It is the main component of an administrative area of Greater Barcelona, with a


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