Comparison of Judicial System of Usa and Vietnam

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Comparison between Vietnam Court system and United State Court system in the judicial process The judicial process of Vietnam Court system and the United State Court system have similarities and differences. These can be elucidated in the structural organization of the court systems, the reconciliation process, administration of justice and criminal investigation and prosecution. Source sources and interpretation of the law is also a focal point. In the Vietnam court system, the structural organization entails district people’s court, the provincial people’s court and the supreme people court. This go hand in hand with the structure of United States Court system which involves United States District Courts, United States Court of Appeal …show more content…

The cases in the provincial courts can be referred to the Supreme Court. On the same level as Provincial People’s Court of Vietnam, there is the court of Appeal of the United State which is organized to preside over cases appealed from the district courts. It is in the same level as Provincial Courts of Vietnam with more functions, and each court has a circuit of twelve district courts. The Court also carries out jurisdiction appeals from the federal administration, patent laws, cases from international trade and federal claims. Cases re mainly presided by the circuit judges, and the system is organized from the federal circuit to the twelfth circuit. Among the courts of appeal, the most peculiar is the Federal circuit court of appeal. This court has jurisdiction based on the subject matter rather than geographical location. It takes care of appeal cases from all United State District Courts. It also handles cases of administrative agencies. Moreover, its panel can sit anywhere, and the decisions it makes on patent cases are binding and can be used as Precedents. It is thus the most important of the circuits. The Supreme People’s Court of appeal is the highest level of Vietnam Court system. Its head is the Chief Justice who the National Assembly. It is him who is also responsible for the National Assembly. Other judges in the supreme people’s court of appeal are appointed by the President following