Discovering the Relationship Between the Law and My School

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Discovering the Relationship Between the Law and My School

Grand Canyon University EDA-555

August 8, 2012

Sitting down to chat with any lawyer proves to be a difficult task unless of course you are paying them. This was the case when attempting to complete this assignment as well, as our school lawyer represents several schools in the area and he was busy working with another school. Instead the questions were asked of our school principal, and our school superintendent over lunch during an in-service day. The answers given were very open and direct, and valuable insight was gained from the view of the writer. The Sidney Community School District is located in Fremont County in Southwestern Iowa. The federal district court for
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In times of crisis the state could come in and tell the schools in the state of Iowa what to do, how to do it, and essentially seize control over the school. In the recent flooding the state requested facilities at both the high school and elementary school be used as emergency shelters, had we said no to the request, they simply would have told us they WERE going to use them as shelters anyway. This is an example of the state being in control ultimately. Day-to-day school operations that are not controlled by the local school district involve teacher issues. These teacher issues are controlled by the State Education Agencies. An example given would be licensure as a teacher, an administrator, coach, etc. Currently another example would be in the area of athletics and eligibility of students to be involved, which is controlled by our athletic associations (under the umbrella of the state education agency). In the Sidney school system the largest issue currently not covered by the law deals with acceptable technology usage. At the moment this type of issue is left for the district to decide. In the era of social media (facebook, twitter, myspace, etc) the administrative team feels eventually the state will step in and create a law or set of laws that cover acceptable usage of technology. Due to the relative “newness” of this social media wave that has taken over our state and our country, it is only a matter of


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