La Guinguette

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Case II La Guinguette

Step 1: Problem Formulation
How to make the Restaurant successful?

Step 2: Critical Facts
He is a experienced chef who can provide superb European cuisine.
The restaurant located in an excellent geographic location which between many of the major hotels and village.
The restaurant is constructed into archetypical Tahitian structure.
The restaurant can offer at moderate price because of the local Tahitian material suppliers.
The restaurant consists with 8 tables and a bar, providing 41 seats.
Marcel is not making his marginal costs/ His saving are depleting. The restaurant is faced the prospect of closing.
Marcel and his family cannot speak English although the majority of the tourists are from U.S.
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Love theme
Logo and Slogan
Logo would be “a gorgeous red rose behind the beach where has wonderful sea-view”. Slogan (theme and promise to consumers) would be “Aromatic Scent,
Romantic Flavor”.

Pair up with hotels to offer specials to honeymooners and newlyweds. As an ideal destination, Tahiti fascinates a great amount of newlyweds who are willing to get a fabulous and memorable honeymoon trip. As a section of the whole tourism chain, Guinguette could join in the alliance of the Bora Bora’s outstanding hotels and restaurants which provide a set of unique honeymoon service, including hotel accommodation, romantic dinner, water activities, etc.

Grand opening to launch new menu
Sampling—provide taste sample at the hotel lobbies with information of restaurant
Market local feast food (pig roasts.etc)
Boxed lunches for picnics
Barter system for Local residences
Marcel can bartering exchange with the local. For example, residences offer
12 unit (equal to value of money) raw materials of French food; Marcel gives them 8 o r9 unit French meal as response. Or, if foreign visitors care about the expensive bungalows ($1200/ night per couple), Marcel can introduce them to live in local residences’ home as home stay and he also can get some raw materials from locals and intermediary reward from costumers.
Dinner cruise—DIY and Ocean Picnic
Setting mutual business with Hotel Bora Bora and Hotel Oa Oa,