Comparative Essay: “Original Creation of the Earth (the Big Bang vs. Sis Day Creation)” Phsc 210

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Marilynn Jones
Liberty University
PHSC 210-A17
Sonia Cooper Weeks
Adjunct Instructor Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Old - Earth View
III. Young - Earth View
IV. Compare and Contrast
V. Conclusion
Christians today have a biblical principle and opinion of the universe existence. Christians believe that God created earth and that he accomplished that in only six days. Genesis 1 explains the creation and the interpretation is so utterly clear and one writer states “Thus, any interpretation that goes beyond a clear plain meaning of the text is considered to compromise Biblical authority and capitulate to evolutionary theories”. One look at the Young Earth View is said to be formed from the Modern English
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Also states with a produced sub-atomic particle and from that point particles causes hydrogen and helium. And over time the gas expands rapidly outward, from there to an explosion vacuum which set out and began to come together as one body such as starts and galaxies and again all lumping themselves together leaving a massive part of space virtually empty. These events happened a second time and is called a “Second Generation”. After an explosion remnant of stars eventually came together.
A second scenario is life formed quickly from non-being chemicals about 3-4 Billion years ago. Then multi-cellular life came into play about 1 Billion years ago. Eventually man evolved 1-3 Million years ago. Man and creation date back according to the Big Bang a few thousand years after the thought in the cosmic time table. There are some astronomers, who now have new ideas which totally replace the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang teaches the Secular Model meaning a created molten blob.
Compare and Contrast
The Big Bang says the Universe will be expanding forever and will eventually run out of Energy and it will be called “Heat Death” The Bible teaches us that we will all be judged. And Paradise will be restored and life as we know if will cease for a greater form of living. The Big Bang teaches that the biblical principles do not exist. Looking at facts that I read via one website, the Bible and our text book The Young