Advertising Critique

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Advertising Critique:
LibraTech’s eLluminate – The NEW Standard for eReaders

MKTG575: Advertising Management
DeVry University, Keller Graduate School
February 4, 2013

Introduction What makes a good product? This is a question that many companies find themselves asking as they begin market research to uncover new products for their current and potential customers. Is it the quality? The product’s functionality and ease of use? Maybe it is the features and all of the bells and whistles that distinguish a product from its competitors. Perhaps, consumers are keenly focused on unbeatable prices when looking for new products. When companies ask, ‘what makes a good product?’ the answer is simple; a good
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And, most importantly, this name had to be memorable and embraced the some aspects of the digital world. Given these requirements, the recommended name for the new LibraTech eReader is eLluminate. With a play on the word ‘illuminate’ – a word that is often associated with the sun – the eLluminate product name for LibraTech’s new eReader is a perfect match. Looking at the definition of the word, illuminate we think of something that sheds light on the dark, provides clarity on the unclear and something that will lead you in the right direction – steering you down the right path. This definition epitomizes what the executives at LibraTech should strive to accomplish with its new eReader. eLluminate will lead LibraTech’s customers down a brighter path for eReader usage. This product will highlight all of the dark areas that they have previously grown accustomed to by utilizing the functionality of Kindles and Nook eReaders and shine a brighter light on the impeccable functionality of LibraTech’s new eReader. The usage of the product name, eLluminate also gives a clear message to consumers that LibraTech is pushing the envelope and is the product of the future – light often symbolizes change and growth and this is a something that LibraTech should focus on; a change from the eReader products of yesterday and growth to a better product that will provided superior functionality. Additionally, the


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