Cultural Diversity in the Medical World

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Cultural Diversity in the Medical Field
Patient Relations


The United States is a nation of immigrants; they have virtually every culture of the world within its borders. Due to this reason, there must be a certain level of cultural competency within its people. A comparison and contrast will be made to compare the Hispanic cultural views on medical care to the American cultural views toward medical care. I chose to explore Hispanic culture because of my background but most importantly due to its richness of unique characteristics. I will provide an overview on how heredity, culture, and environment can influence behavior in the medical office. Furthermore, I will express my opinion about why a medical assistant,
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For this same reason, Hispanics do not depend on medication to feel better; instead, they depend on prayer and wearing of religious medals. Native Americans believe more in taking medication to get well fast and do not pay much attention to more natural and spiritual ways. Simple home remedies are the preference of Hispanic people when it comes to something that may require medical attention. Viewpoint on Privacy American culture is generally very open. A woman would not mind undressing for a male doctor to perform a medical examination, which sometimes is necessary. “In order to find health issues, such as breast cancer, women might have to undress for the doctor to perform a normal medical examination” (Think Cultural Health, 2011). This, in turn, may be a problem with a Hispanic woman due to privacy issues. She may request for a female doctor to do the procedure instead, and even then, she may still not be very comfortable with the whole situation. Furthermore, this can affect how thorough the patient is in giving the doctor specifics about whatever condition she may have. Of course, this may also affect the doctor’s diagnosis based on the information given. Viewpoint on Family & Social Customs Since Hispanics believe more in support from loved ones and home remedies, family members look to elders for advice. “Elders have a prestigious status in the Hispanic family because of their experience. An individual who


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