Cert 3 Childcare Services- Module 1 Organisational Requirements

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Module 1 Organisational Requirements- Questions
1. Identify and discuss the key requirements of the service/centre policies and legislations that relate to the performance of your work role and where/how to access same.
The key requirements of “Wakefield Early Learning Centre” policies are to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children, and to support them through their learning processes. As “Wakefield” is an early learning centre as well as a day care, helping them to learn basic early life lessons is needed.
In order to meet these key requirements there are certain things staff should know or be in the process of learning. A few of my personal requirements include: * Creating an environment where children are
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Make sure you treat the needs of the parent seriously and do all you can to help the situation. Some complaints will be easier than others. If a parent is expressing their anger in a way that you cannot handle, you need to send them to the Centre Director. Making sure you are aware of the service/centre’s policies and procedures will help you out if you are struggling.
When handling a complaint it is necessary to be as polite as possible. Remember that a parent/guardian always has the right to express their feelings if the service/centre is not meeting their expectations. Keep in mind that the child is the first priority and that the parent/guardian knows what is best for the child. It is important to apologise and show empathy. Always offer a compromise that meets both the needs of the parent and the child.
8. Who is responsible for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) in the work place?
OH&S is everybody’s responsibility in the work place. All people in the work place have a duty to ensure proper OH&S procedures are carried out. It is the Centre Director’s responsibility to set reasonable standards for the employee’s, so they are able to control any risks of possible injuries. It is the employee’s responsibility to work by the OH&S policies and procedures provided by the Centre Director.

Employers should consult employees: * When there are any changes made in the systems in the work place e.g. roster or work practice changes. *