Johnson & Johnson and Diversity

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Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer founded in 1886. The corporation is the world’s largest consumer health company, the world’s largest and most diverse medical devices and Diagnostics Company, the world’s fifth-largest biologics company, and the world’s eighth-largest pharmaceuticals company. Johnson & Johnson has more than 250 operating companies in 60 countries employing approximately 129,000 people. The Johnson & Johnson headquarters is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Johnson & Johnson’s brands include many well known household items such as: Band-Aid, Tylenol, Johnson’s baby products, Neutrogena skin care, Clean
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Not only is it admirable for Johnson & Johnson to care about diversity and education within its employees but also they care about diversity globally and provide a lot of health resources to all cultures around the world. Johnson & Johnson continues to globally continue developing new and existing treatments for HIV and TB. Also Johnson & Johnson offers direct support by enhancing access to HIV/AIDS medicines in developing countries, providing medicines and other products through their product giving
and disaster relief programs, conducting research and development on transmissible diseases of the developing world, and helping to enhance health care infrastructure in medically underserved areas. Johnson & Johnson also provides training for health care workers in Tanzania and Ethiopia in order to provide prenatal and obstetric care for mothers and newborns. Another remarkable global healthcare resource that Johnson & Johnson contributes is the manufacturing of vaccines in Incheon, South Korea. It is one of the largest facilities in the work and makes half of all pentavalent vaccines, which are, a combination of vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B, and haemophilus influenza. Johnson & Johnson also commits to donating mebendazole for treatment of intestinal worms in children in developing countries through their Children Without Worms.
I have a lot of respect for how Johnson & Johnson makes


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