How may conflict resolution and conflict management approaches be applied in educational settings?’

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‘How may conflict resolution and conflict management approaches be applied in educational settings?’

This assignment will review the nature of conflict, from psychologist theories to what form it takes in an educational setting. In order to apply conflict resolution and conflict management effectively in an educational setting, it is important to understand the background disciplines of conflict and theories behind how humans behave in social settings. Comprehending how human behaviour initiates is the key stepping stone to resolving and managing conflict behaviour between humans. We will examine what the concept of conflict is and what
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Freud’s work is based more on the individual and their experiences with conflict rather than conflicts in society. Freud believed humans were born aggressive and in order to relieve such aggression, humans seek an outlet to displace their aggression. Causing conflict and rivalry with others is one way, or through a more artistic way such as through sport or art. These early psychologists collectively are known as ‘Social Darwinism’. “Social Darwinism and the mode of explaining behaviour in terms of innate, evolutionary, derived instincts were in retreat by the mid-1920s”, but according to Deutsch were the “…precursors to the empirical, social psychological study of conflict” (Deutsch et al., 2006, p15). Modern social psychology then evolved from these foundations, and in this new saga many psychologists studied the aspects of conflict more specifically. Modern mid-20th century psychologists studied the field of human behaviours: human intelligence and development (‘Lewin’), how humans relate to each other through social influences (‘Deutsch’), carrying out scientific research on the human genetic discipline; research in pro – social behaviour and anti – social behaviour (‘Dawkins – Latané and Darley’) and in depth research of understanding children and adolescent behaviour within groups (Sherif 1966). Kurt Lewin’s had a significant interest towards social conflict; how conflict may


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