Conflict Diagnosis

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Conflict Diagnosis

Conflict can be found every day in the news. Whether it be in a newspaper, on the Internet, or on the television there is evidence of conflicts over the media. The resolutions are not always clear and it depends on whether a formal form of mediation is used as to whether or not the public will hear of the resolution that came to pass from the conflict. This paper will take a look at one story found on the internet recently that talks about a conflict and how its resolution came about.
The Conflict within the Article
According to an article written by Roland Jones entitled, “US says Apple, publishers conspired to fix prices,” it is alleged that Apple and five major publishers conspired to raise prices of
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Apple strove to make their small corner of the market bigger by trying to make what has become a reliable source of income a little more lucrative. The problem lays in the way that they were doing it. By trying to eliminate their competition or make it harder on the competition to lower prices they caused a strain on the market for companies like The Justice Department felt that that strain put on the market was unfair and took the steps to change it before it became too large of a problem. By looking at the situation closely and talking with the companies it was possible to persuade three of the publishers that what they were trying to do was unjust and get them to settle the matter without a judge.
Coming to a Resolution
The lawyers who filed for a lawsuit realized that only by taking action against the companies that had banded together were they going to resolve this conflict. The companies that were trying to rise the pricing felt they had a good reason to do so, the Justice Department needed to diagnose the problem and come to the decision that only legal action was going to make a statement strong enough to appease the public that was being robbed of the money it was taking to buy the ever rising price of e-books. Conflict resolution is about finding the solution that is best for all around, Apple is going to have to come to terms that the competition they face from companies like


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