Conflict in Teams

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Conflicts in Teams Working in teams is growing throughout both the professional and academic environments. The definition of a team is a group that has the same commitments and goals (What is a Team, 2001). Teams are used in the academic environment for many reasons. Teams in the academic setting helps students learn the information better. For some students, information that they have trouble grasping, may help to hear it from a peer who can put it into a different perspective. Another main reason an academic settings uses teams is to get students used to working with others to produce a product. Many organizations use teams to produce a product or wanted outcome. Starting teams during education helps students prepare for this. Teams …show more content…
Using avoidance approach it basically means avoiding the situation. Using this approach does not necessarily solve the conflict; however, it may help the team to proceed with their work (Poter, 2003). Avoidance can also be an appropriate approach if the members involved in the conflict let their emotions and reactions get out of control, avoiding the situation, at least for a little while may help things to calm down and let the team members then solve the conflict (Poter, 2003). Another approach is accommodation. In this approach, one person accommodates the other one or gives into the other person in order to keep the team moving on (Poter, 2003). This is sometimes used if one member does not think that the conflict is as important as the other person may think, however the person who is accommodating, needs to make sure it is the right decision for themselves (Poter, 2003). The next approach is competition. “Competition may best be described as a win-lose style of conflict resolution.” (Poter, 2003,p.4 ) This approach is used when one member, feels so strongly about the situation, that they feel they have to persuade the other members involved (Poter, 2003). Another reason this approach may be used is because, “a team member believes alternatives being explored are not practical, ethical, or legal.” (Poter, 2003, p.4) The fourth approach is compromise. Basically, with this approach the team members involved make sacrifices in order


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