Concept of Conflict

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The word conflict has been derived from the Latin word ‘Confligere’; which means to Strike or attack altogether. In the present world, there are conflicts found everywhere. Each conflict has a reason behind it. these conflicts usually occur when two or more individuals or groups feel they have irreconcilable differences, or they feel that there needs, interests or wants are threatened by the existence of the other groups demands. Hence clashes become inevitable. People all over the world, have different perspectives on life, and its problems, depending upon the environment, in which they have lived.

Latent Conflict – Conflicts exist but are not expressed.
Overt Conflict – Conflicts are expressed
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If we take a look at the present world’s conflict, or even long times back, most of the conflicts occurred due to the interests of different resources. For example, Iraq War. It was nothing but the oil interest of US. Since, US is the dominating power in the present world, so taking advantage of that, invaded Iraq and is now exploiting the oil resources at its behest.
In 2005, six churches were bombed in Iraq which resulted in the displacement of about 45,000 Christians from Iraq to its neighbouring countries. With this example, we can relate those conflicts which arise due to the identity clashes.
From the traditional times till now, religion has been a great source of conflict. Quoting an example from our own country; in Orissa the religious violence that recently broke in 2008, saw a huge massacre of Christians, after the assassination of Swami Laxmananda. Though it seemed, it happened all at once, but if we look at it deeply it was the hidden conflict between the Hindu groups and Christian Missionaries, carrying on from decades. The main reason of this was the increasing conversion rate of Hindus to Christianity. But it remained latent, until the killing of Swami Laxamananda took place.
There are conflicts as well which arise abruptly; the assassination of Former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, by one of her Sikh body guards, and as the news spread outside, the violence against Sikhs were perpetrated at once. Before this there was no rivalry between


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