Irish Breakfast Cereal Market

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The Irish Breakfast Cereal Market – Stage 3 Project.


According to a consumption survey carried out by Kellogg’s in 2008, 97% of households purchased breakfast cereal in the ROI, placing Ireland as the largest consumer (per head) of breakfast cereal in the world. This translates into a €200 million per year market for the cereal industry. Though traditionally cereals have been consumed at breakfast time, of recent, the industry (Kellogg’s in particular) have marketed cereals as a snack food for consumption anytime during the day. ( Cereal manufacturing is a high margin-to-cost business, gross profit margins on processed cereals are 40-45%. According to analysts JP
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They are also known as breakfast bars as people often consume them as a breakfast on the go. However they can be eaten at any time. The introduction of cereal bars in the last few years has correlated with research conducted by HIM! in conjunction with Board Bia that has shown that adult consumers leave home 114 times a year without consuming breakfast. Kellogg’s research revealed that one in three people skip breakfast at home. More recently cereal bars have become a topic of debate, Consumer Choice magazine, (June 2007 P 208) surveyed a total of 32 cereal bars and found that though a similar healthy marking scheme that is present on breakfast cereals had been applied to cereal bars, all bars surveyed had more than double the recommended amount of sugar and high levels of saturated fats. Fibre levels between 1g/100g and 3/100g were found, though the only exception was found in Kellogg’s All Bran Honey & Oats, 12g/100g however it contained 32g/100g of sugar and 3g/100g of saturated fats. Kieran I don´t understand the last sentence.

Current cereal bars on the market:

Kellogg’s – Coco Pops Cereal & Milk Bar, Coco Pops Coco Rocks Bar, Coco Pops Straws, Frosties Cereal & Milk Bars, Nutri-Grain Elevenses Choc Chip, Nutri-Grain Elevenses Ginger, Nutri-Grain Elevenses Raisin, Nutri-Grain Oat Baked Totally Oaty, Nutri-Grain Soft


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