Nurse Rounding

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Evidence Based Practice & Applied Nursing Research

WZT Task 2 (724.8.3-06, 8.4-01-05)
WZT Task 2:

Topic Chosen: Hourly Rounding’s
Per our hospital policy, Rounds is a standardized interaction with the patient that

includes the 8 components listed in the Hourly Rounding Procedure. Primary Registered Nurse
(RN) or licensed vocational nurse (LVN) assigned to each patient is responsible for ensuring hourly rounds are made according to policy. Nursing personnel will round every hour from
0600-2200 and every two hours from 0000-0600 and more frequently if the patient’s condition requires it. (Dignity Health Clinical House-wide Manual)
The 8 components includes

Introduce self, title and remind patient of hourly round, inform patient
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(Blakley, Kroth, & Gregson, 2011) There are times on the floor due to special patient needs, doctors consultation or patient family interaction, that do not allow the RN to meet this hourly demand to visit each patient once per hour. That is not to say that the more often a nurse visits a patients room, the more satisfied and the better care that patient will receive, but rather a recognition to the fact that there is a finite number of minutes in an hour and patients might need more then their 12 minutes allocated by the current program.


Evidence Based Practice & Applied Nursing Research

WZT Task 2 (724.8.3-06, 8.4-01-05)
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2012). The association between nurse staffing and hospital outcomes in injured patients.
BMC Health Services Research, 12, 247.
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