Educational Needs Assessment Annotated Bibliography

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Educational Needs Assessment:Annotated Bibliography
Akhtar-Danesh, N., Valaitis, R.K., Schofield, R., Underwood, R., Martin-Misener, A., & Kolotylo, C. (2010). A questionnaire for assessing community health nurses' learning needs. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 32(8), 1055-1072. This journal covers the important stages of the Learning needs assessment and how it impacts every educational process that is aimed to inform changes in practice and policy for continuing professional development. Professional opportunities have been widely used as a basis for the development of learning needs assessment. This article reports on the development of a learning needs assessment questionnaire for Community Health Nurses (CHNs).
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The effectiveness of self-assessment on the identification of learner needs, learner activity, and impact on clinical practice. Best Evidence Medical Education, 30(2), 124-145. In this journal, the authors’ overall aim was to review and determine whether specific methods of self- assessment lead to change in learning behavior or clinical practice. Specific objectives sought evidence for effectiveness of self-assessment interventions to improve perception of learning needs; promote change in learning activity; improve clinical practice; and to improve patient outcomes based on changes in learned practice.
Cooke, E. (2009). A self-harm training needs assessment of school nurses. Journal of Child Health Care, 13(3), 260-274. Retrieved from This study highlights the need for self-harm training for school nurses, incorporating both practical approaches and theoretical knowledge, to ensure that young people who self-harm receive an effective, high-standard service. Nurses desired training, particularly in practical approaches when working with young people who self-harm, however, analysis suggested that they also needed underpinning theoretical knowledge.

Crowley, S., Bergen, A., Young, K., & Kavanaugh. (2008). A taxonomy of needs assessment, elicited from a multiple case study of community nursing education and practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 31(1), 126-134. Retrieved


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