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Indicate 2 serious problems that need to be tackled if school libraries are to be the powerhouses of schools.


This 2 year course has made me more aware of how powerful high performing school libraries and Schools Library Service can be in raising students’ literacy levels and improving their access to knowledge. This link also suggests that if school libraries do not perform to the highest level there will
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The current situation is that the Head of School has to juggle about with a meagre sum to cover all running costs. The school library normally gets any funds that might remain. Hence, we librarians are always at the mercy of our Head of school. It is clear that school libraries must have proper funding to provide good quality services to the school community in general. The library funding situation should move away from the present erratic one. The present situation in all schools is that the bulk of money is given to the librarians at the end of the financial year, that is around October/November and then we have to hurry and buy the necessary resources. And as soon as we are into January and February the funds really diminishes to almost zero. Unfortunately this situation is not giving us the possibility to budget our year’s expenses properly, and we at times are missing on good bargains as well. Hence, we should aim for a more organised way of pumping money into libraries on regular basis if we want our libraries to be more than a place that only delivers books. For school libraries to have the most significant impact on learning outcomes and to help all students to develop information literacy skills, we librarians must have a budget to be able and


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