Comparative Analysis a Few Good Men

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Comparative Analysis: A Few Good Men

“You don't need a patch on your arm to have honor.” Lt. Daniel Kaffee, portrayed by Tom Cruise, says at the end of the movie to Lance Cpl. Dawson after the final ruling is read, stating PFC. Downy and Lance Cpl. Dawson are innocent but are dishonorably discharged from the military. A Few Good Men portrays the negative impact on military personally from strict obedience. Lt. Daniel Kaffee, along with Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway and Lt. Sam Weinberg; played by Demi Moore and Kevin Pollack, must defend PFC. Downy and Lance Cpl. Dawson from being charge of committing a Code Red. However, Lt. Kaffee believes that PFC. Downy and Lance Cpl. Dawson committed the ‘Code Red’, but because it was a direct order
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Dawson, who have been accused of murdering PFC Santiago, a member of their platoon. Kaffee is known as being off base and impractical and had arranged for a plea bargain. However, Downey's Aunt Ginny appoints Cmdr. Galloway to represent Downey and, by Lt. Kaffee request, Lt. Sam Weinberg is put on the legal staff. The team round up many facts and statements from platoon members and superior officers and Kaffee discovers that he is really cut out for trial work. The defense is originally based upon the fact that PFC Santiago, the victim, was given a "CODE RED". Santiago was basically a screw-up and at Gitmo, screw-ups aren't tolerated according to multiple military personnel at Gitmo, especially by Col. Nathan Jessup. In Cuba, Jessup and two senior officers “try” to give all the help they can, but Kaffee knows something's fishy. Eventually Jessup’s second in command and PFC Santiago’s superior officer, Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson, contacts Kaffee to provide hard evidence against Jessup, however commits suicide before he is put on trial. However, what Markinson tells Kaffee before his suicide, gives Kaffee enough confidence to confront Jessup. The confrontation of Jessup by Kaffee causes a giant scene in the courtroom however plays out in Kaffee’s favor by winning the case; however PFC. Downy and Lance Cpl. Dawson get dishonorably discharged.
The movie is all about PFC. Downy and Lance Cpl. Dawson committing a ‘Code Red’ and why they decided to do


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