Sociology - the Blind Side

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The Blind Side In the context of this extraordinary real life story a boy, depending on which society you come from he came from “The other side of the tracks” or “The wrong side of the tracks”. The story is about a young black kid who is shuffled between the welfare system, Foster homes that he runs away from and the mother (a drug addict) that has let him down. Big Tony takes him along I think as leverage to get his own son in to a Catholic school because they can both play sports. The coach seems more interested in “Big Mike” more because of his size and agility. The teachers are very concerned about the lack of education he has had, but they pull together to bring his grades up. The Tuohy family is well off and …show more content…

Prejudices shown here are unfair generalizations about an entire category of people, race, age, social class, or political affiliations. Michael came from a very dysfunctional mother with her 13 children scattered to the wind so to speak in foster homes. He now plays for the Baltimore Ravens and has a foundation that provides coats, gloves, hats and blankets to the needy and homeless. He did how ever make a mistake all athletes do and that is he threw a punch at a player from the opposite team this last month when defending one of his team mates. He is said to have said “You have to have your teammates back” He is intensely loyal to his family, team and his foundation. If Social Stratification is where societies rank people by power, prestige, and money over others I have no problem with that as long as they “pay it forward” in helping someone else or a cause. The Caste system in chapter 8 is described as a social stratification based on both birth and individual achievement and Meritocracy is based on personal merit, this has surely been the case for Michael and his family.

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