Redwin Strategic Marketing Plan

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Strategic Marketing Plan

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Introduction 3
Situation Analysis 4
Market Analysis 5
Customer Analysis 8
Competitor Analysis 15
Internal Analysis 22
S.W.O.T Analysis 28
Strategic Position 31
Vision and Mission 32
Marketing Mix Strategies 33
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Redwin is a small Australian based company with a relatively broad product range of body and skincare brands. Redwin also seeks to expand their product range overseas and within other product categories. Their products are Australian made and owned, are relatively priced, environmentally friendly and are also created from natural ingredients. Their current products include a range of sorbolene lotions, body washes, hand washes,
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We found that sun care was one of the least saturated markets although that the few existing competitors in sun care have already acquired most of the market there is some room for innovation.

Relating to the above statement we examined in general the purchase patterns of males and females that are buying sun care and sunscreen products. Generally the percentage of females who buy sun care products is almost double of that of the percentage of males. That is, 42.7% as opposed to 27.7%. To further analyse this we looked into the age groups of males and females individually. This was done based on their age groups, ranging from 14 to 24 year olds, 25 to 34 year olds, 35 to 49 and 50 and over. For males these findings are represented in the table below (table 10). The tables were provided by Roy Morgan single source data files.

Table 9 AGE OF MALE RESPONDENTS Men 14-24 Men 25-34 Men 35-49 TOTAL Men 50 and Over
Sun care & sunscreen wc 309 490 751 676 v% 19.70% 34.20% 34.40% 23.70% h% 5% 9% 13% 12% ix 56 97 97 67

The v% states that, 34.2% of the men in the sample size that are aged between 25 to 34 purchase sun care and sun screen products. Also 34.4% of the men aged 35 to 49 purchase sun care and sun screen products. These 2 age groups seem to purchase more as opposed to the other age groups. If any innovation on Redwins sun care products is to be done, the age groups that should