Tanglewood Case 3 Hr Staffing Strategy

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Tanglewood’s recruiting methods are different and diverse in each of their regions, and by assessing these methods there are chances of improving and additionally uniting the operations of this company. Some improvements come from creating ztarget demographics, some come from looking into the methods of recruitment, and some come by addressing issues brought forth by those already with the company. By evaluating Tanglewood’s recruiting methods and creating a guide for it to adhere by, this company can develop a recruiting service that matches their unique company culture.

1. Recruitment Guide
Recruitment Guide for Store Associates
Position: Store Associate
Reports to: Shift leaders, Department Managers
Qualifications: N/A
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By totaling the number of applications, the hired applicants, the total costs, and the costs per hire in each region, it is easier to see which region is receiving the most and the least applications and hires along with who is spending the most and least on total costs and costs per hire.

Region 1 has a total number of 12,142 applicants, 2,282 hired applicants, a total cost of $6,451,814, and total of $11,600.05 spent on all hires. It is obvious that Region1 is receiving the biggest amount of applicants and hired applicants. It is also spending the most amount of money when it comes to the total cost and the total cost spent on all hires.

Region 2 has a total number of 11,414 applicants, 2,136 hired applicants, a total cost of $6,347,896, and a total of $9,652.96 spent on all hires. Region 2 has a very similar pattern as Region 1. It receives a few less applicants and hires less people. Its total costs are close, but just a little less than Region 1. The biggest difference between these two regions is that Region 2 spends approx. $2 million less than Region 1 on the costs spent on all hires.

Region 3 has a total number of 7,872 applicants, 1,550 hired applicants, a total cost of $4,720,816, and a total of $8,999.72 spent on all hires. Region 3 has even less applicants and hires


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