Harley Davidson Marketing Plan

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Table of Contents I. Executive Summary (Nakiya) II. Situation Analysis A. Market Summary (Liana) i. Market Trends ii. Market Growth B. SWOT Analysis (Nakiya) i. Strengths ii. Weaknesses iii. Opportunities iv. Threats C. Competitive Analysis (Scott) D. Product Offering (Scott) III. Marketing Strategy A. Mission Statement (Liana) B. Marketing Objectives (Liana) C. Target Markets (Liana) D. Positioning Statement (Liana) E. Financial Objectives (Scott) F. Marketing Mix i. Product or Service Mix (Scott) ii. Price (Scott) iii. Promotion (Scott, Nakiya, Liana) iv. Distribution (Liana) IV. Financials (Scott) A. Break-even Analysis B. Net …show more content…

In addition to upgrades to basic models, manufacturers benefit from sales of high-margin licensed accessories and clothing lines. Custom products include special paint jobs, graphics, and seats, along with choice of performance options such as engine type and size, wheel size, and transmissions.

Electric Motorcycles - growing concern over the environment has prompted the design of alternative-fuel-based vehicles, including motorcycles. Several manufacturers have developed motorbikes that run on electrical sources.

Safety Training Programs - a major concern of the motorcycle industry is riders’ safety. All riders are offered safety-training classes by manufacturers, such as Harley-Davidson's Rider's Edge program, which provides training for all rider levels.

Industry growth:
This industry is Mature

Industry is expected to decline over the 4 years to 2015 at a rate of 1.5% despite the 1.9% increase that is expected during the same period for US GDP growth. Since the industry supplies discretionary products, the downturn caused consumers to cut back on these expenses immediately. However as consumers’ income rises over the next five years, the industry is expected to experience revenue increases.
Establishments are expected to stay relatively steady over the 4 years to 2015. Although at face value this might indicate that the industry is stable, most industry operators experienced steep declines during the recession.


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