Spanish and English Exploration

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Sept. 8, 2010

Spanish and English had similar motivations for exploration of the New World, such as gaining land, goods from the natives, and gold. However, their motivations also differ greatly. The Spanish conquistadors also gained slaves from the native people, as well as spreading the word of Christianity. The English settlers came to the New World to get away from the religious oppression in England and to practice religion freely, and to grow tobacco to send back to England. The Spanish gained much more land quickly because, upon landing in places like the Caribbean and Brazil, because of their conquering and enslaving of the natives. The English came to the New World much less prepared,
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The cash crop grew wild in the New World, and was seen as a luxury in England, smoked rarely and by few. However, this new source of tobacco made it possible to ship back so much tobacco that it became affordable for many people in England. This plant provided the some riches to the English colonists that the Spanish colonists gained from their conquests. This crop opened up jobs to people hoping to make a living in the New World. Many people traveling to the New World became indentured servants. Indentured servants were people who were too poor to afford the trip to the New World. Instead, they were to work a four to seven year period for someone under contract, and then after their time was served, they were to be given land and clothes and food from their former employer. Another motivation for the English settlers was religious freedom, and the ability to practice freely. Many people in the Chesapeake Bay area were Protestants. These people attended required Sunday services. Puritans also came to this land after the Puritan Revolution in England to practice freely. Maryland was primarily Catholic, and served as a refuge for the Catholics who were severely discriminated against in England. While the motivations of the Spanish conquistadors and English colonists had some similarities, such as the promise of land and


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