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Executive Summary: Emergency Department Poc Immunoassay Testing
Lora Atkinson
Grand Canyon University: NURS-451V 10/07/2014
Executive Summary
Cardiovascular disease is a substantial concern and has emerged as one of the leading health issues. In examining cardiovascular disease, its incidence is astounding. Each year approximately one million men and women die, averaging one death every thirty three seconds (Heart, 2013).The death rate for cardiovascular issues such as myocardial infarction and CHF claim more lives than cancer and Aids combined. Heart disease will be the number one cause of death by the
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The purchase price for the POC device is approximately 6,000 dollars which based on a study translated into approximately 9.00 to per person to perform the test which is very inexpensive( Mainor,2002). Benefits Benefits of this program is receiving funding for the purchase of the POC testing equipment, resulting in the ability to rapidly evaluate patients presenting with cardiovascular symptoms, such as suspected acute myocardial infarction or heart failure. Utilizing POC testing into an emergency department results in quicker diagnosis, treatment, improved patient outcomes, improves ER flow through by weeding out non acute patients, decreases unnecessary use of resources such as medication and hospital admissions.
In order to assess if this program will be successful we can survey a control group to see if the statements that are made are accurate. In surveying 100 patients that present with cardiovascular symptoms such as chest pain. POC testing can be completed to see how many of the 100 patients were non acute chest pain resulting in the reduction of resources and admissions. In addition, research from other facilities is widely available and research has already been completed ensure the success of this program. Conclusion
POC testing is an easy, quick intervention that leads to quicker diagnosis and the savings of vital resources need for life threatening


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