Effective Onboarding

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Executive Summary In the past when an employee was hired, onboarding consisted of filling out paperwork for Human Resources and selecting insurance options. In today’s dynamic workplace environment, effective onboarding is important to get employees up to speed and productive at a much faster pace while ensuring the new hire is happy and satisfied in their new position. Tools such as onboarding checklists and on-line forms are the norm. Effective on-boarding is a process that is beneficial to the employer and the employee. Effective onboarding begins even before an employee is hired. A complete job description with requirements for each position is a necessity. Once an employee is hired, the onboarding
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According to a SHRM survey, 14% of company respondents started onboarding during recruitment, 31% started upon offer acceptance, 15% started after the acceptance but before the start date, and 32% started onboarding on the start date (SHRM Survey Findings: Onboarding Practices, 2011). As soon as a new hire walks in the door to report for work, the onboarding process should go into full swing. The new hire should be warmly greeted. A Human Resources employee or the department head should take the new hire to the break room and offer the new hire a cup of coffee. Starting a new job is stressful and this should help the new hire feel more at ease. This also allows the new hire to start to build a rapport with the manager. The new hire should be introduced to coworkers and should be warmly welcomed. The new hire should also be introduced to other managers. Recognition should make the new hire feel a sense of belonging. The manager should also take the new hire to lunch. By making the new hire feel special, it will make the transition into their new position much easier. The department manager should already have training procedures in place for each position within the department. To help the new hire feel more comfortable and to become acclimated more quickly, the department head should assign a


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