Cause and Effect of Cultural Shock

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Kasie Sepeda
Professor Scherf

Outline I. What is Cultural Shock a. serious phenomenon and a long-winded process b. Real culture shock can happen in places you expect to be similar II. Effects of cultural shock a. Happen when you take a culture for granted. b. Can affect your job, family, etc. III. Causes of cultural shock a. Can cause mild uneasiness or temporary homesickness to acute unhappiness or even, in extreme cases, psychological panic. b. Could cause a serious reality check when put into cultural shock. IV. Cultural the same as race? a. Hundreds of cultures in the world, while we have only a handful of races. b. Race is a
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Cultural shock could be a good thing, an eye opening experience. It could put someone in a serious reality check when put into cultural shock.
Mary Pipher once said, “In America we live in a dysfunctional and poisonous culture.” (AllAboutConceling,2011). Many people who have studied our culture say it is a very sick and addicted culture. It’s dysfunctional because it teaches negative things about human beings. Our culture reinforces poor diet, myths about our superiority and rights over the earth, sexism, consumerism, all of which people to develop an addictive pattern of consuming. “Is culture the same as race? Absolutely not. They’re hundreds of cultures in the world, while we have only a handful of races. There may be more things similar between cultural groups of the same race than across cultures of different races, but not much more. Cultural differences are more about human development, and not so much about skin color. “ (AllAboutCounseling, 2011). Race is a classification system used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups. For example, African American, Mexican American, Caucasian, and Chinese. Race is mistaken with culture because culture falls under certain races. While they’re many races, they’re hundreds of


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