Google's Core Competences

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Core competencies and capabilities of Google:-

• Glocalization – think global, act local

Google is available in 160 different local country domain and 117 languages. While Google is available virtually everywhere there is internet access but operated in only 20 countries. Google is still working to establish a significant business presence in places such as Middle East. As they are expanding their operations and hire their first employees in another country, that part of Google feels like a startup.
They have started with the idea of eclipsing the impact of Google itself while focusing on more philanthropic causes. Though they are working on extremely tough problems in difficult locations, they have made significant
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The company has established a worldwide representation in major oil trading hubs with international activity serving a clientele which includes most of the recognized participants in the global crude oil, gas and refined products markets. Nautical Petroleum undertakes physical oil trades with private and state sector oil producers, oil majors, independent traders, refiners, power generators and other consumers.
The market for these UK heavy oils remains strong, specifically from specialist refiners. This is reflected in prices achieved for Alba, Captain and Harding (Nautical’s acquisitions).

Nautical Petroleum competes with major players in the market like British Petroleum (BP), Shell and Elf and also with the smaller but listed companies like Enterprise Oil Plc, Falkland Oil and Gas, Northern Petroleum Plc, WHAM Energy Plc, Encore Oil Plc, etc.
The major social issue related to the oil and gas industry is the pollution caused due to oil spills, both for aquatic as well as land forms. Another issue that has been highlighted by a recent study about social and environmental effects on communities which are economically dependent on the oil and gas industry is “social dysfunction and biological impoverishment”. The research, published in Conservation Biology, revealed that over a nine year period the number of registered sex offenders in energy 'boomtowns' was two to three times higher


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