Reflective Paper/Generational Poverty

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Reflective Paper
Nakia Larson
BSHS 345 Diversity and Special Populations
May 13, 2013
Princess Clarke

Reflective Paper
Generational Poverty creates a strong family oriented environment that is a bond that most children refuse to want to break by leaving home. Most of the children that are raised in poverty have a lack of education resulting in a high dropout rate due to frustration in learning or teen pregnancy. Children become possessions to their parents instead of someone that they should teach and prepare for them to move out on their own to achieve success for their families. The older children tend to take care of the younger children forming a sense of belonging to the family resulting in the children
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Educators at school want to help children to excel academically, but when a value is not placed on learning it makes it difficult for teachers to have a strong desire to want to help those who don’t help themselves to succeed, resulting in poorer quality of education at home, with peers and in the environment where roles are played. Parents are not taking the time that is needed to teach their children, most of the children are considered “latch key” kids or in daycare after school until they can get off work presenting a lack of supervision for the children to take their studies seriously leading to a higher dropout rate among generational poverty children. Schools are beginning to implement more structure to help those who desire to overcome generational poverty however change cannot occur over night and the first thing that needs to change is the attitude of the child before escape from generational poverty can be made. Without motivation or the will to improve their situation then the cycle cannot be broken, therefore a good solid education is the first thing that needs to be accomplished so that the cycle can be broken and children of generational poverty can succeed in breaking the cycle.