Shock Culture Shock

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The Comparison of Culture Shock and
Reverse Culture Shock
Name: Cai Miaosen Instructor: Li Binbin
1. Introduction
In recent years, the people who pursue their overseas studying have doubled in number. The overseas returnees also increase at a fast rate. Many people who have already got the foreign passport or the right of residence of other country gradually return to motherland to work and settle down. But unfortunately many of these people are suffering the varying degrees of culture shock or reverse culture shock. They are playing an indispensable role to China’s social and economic development. Therefore, the research of culture shock and reverse culture shock are of great necessity and realistic significance.
Many foreign
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Thirdly, some people will feel uncomfortable when they lose familiar environment such as friends and cultural forms. What’s more, some people are rejected by the members in a new culture (or at least are not accepted) or there is a loss of confidence because on cannot fully due diligence in a new culture and thus cannot be more successful in achieving that goal. There are also some kinds of symptoms such as the sense of incompetence when people cannot take control of the environment they live or they will doubt and feel intense when their values will make sense again. (蔡荣寿, 2009: 70)
When people choose to work study or even settle abroad, they often experience the different degree of psychological reaction caused by culture shock. However, culture shock is not only exists in the contact of native culture and foreign culture. It is also exists in the contact of different regions, different languages and different social strata. Therefore, “culture shock” is not only the psychological phenomenon caused by special exotic cultural collisions. It also includes different “subculture” in which both sides are against each other in the lap of association of thoughtful vibration, the diaphragm, and behavior.
3.2 The manifestation of reverse culture shock
In view of that the returnees have already experienced the progress of culture shock; it’s easier for them to get confused of the situation when


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