Careers in Information Technology

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An Exploration of Careers in Information Technology
Info 103: Computer Literacy
January 26, 2010

An Exploration of Careers in Information Technology At the beginning of my computer information course I was presented with challenge of writing a research paper. We were given several topics to choose from and I chose the topic of careers in information technology. The focus will be on the computer support specialist, the database administrator, the network and computer systems administrator, the computer, office machine and automated teller technician, the programmer, the software engineer, the cryptographer, the computer trainer, and the desktop publisher. I will explore what each profession is, the duties, the work environment,
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The computer technician is also known as a computer service technician or data processing equipment repairers. Duties include servicing mainframes, personal computers, servers, printers, installations and hands-on- repairs. The office machine technician repairs and maintains company machinery on site or for smaller machinery they may have a repair shop. The automated teller technician installs, repairs, maintains automated teller machines and electronic kiosks. These workers are often in the field. The work environment for these three technicians is most commonly are clean well-lit surroundings. “Because computers and office machines are sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity, repair shops usually are air-conditioned and well ventilated. Field repairers must travel frequently to various locations to install, maintain, or repair customers' equipment. ATM repairers may have to perform their jobs in small, confined spaces that house the equipment. Because computers and ATMs are critical for many organizations to function efficiently, data processing equipment repairers and ATM field technicians often work around the clock.” [ (Labor, 2010) ] The education required for these positions is certification in computer repair or an associate degree. Employers also require knowledge and experience with electronics. Workers in


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