Guanxi in Jeopardy – Case Study

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Case study on US and Chinese culture in business life and negotiations.

Sales and negotiations class
Guanxi in Jeopardy – Case Study

Intercultural Research
In order to find out in what way the American culture of Electrowide as opposed to the Chinese culture of Motosuzhou will influence negotiation attitudes and positions, some intercultural research needs to be done beforehand. In assessing these cultures at an informal level as well as a business or formal perspective, I need to become aware that not all actions or behaviours can be directly explained by cultural differences alone. Sometimes it is a party’s incapability of correctly identifying its position or leverage points within the negotiation which causes rudeness or
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They are very proud of their culture and their language, so trying to learn some of their words or showing that you are interested in their traditions (like greeting, doing a small reverence or just an inclination of the head) may be very respectful, and will be appreciated. Also giving presents should be dealt with carefully; as honor is so important for them, the actual present itself is not that important. They will most probably not open it immediately on the spot. Therefore the enclosing of the present is much more important and the way you give it; a white enclosing is a sign of bad luck, while a bright color like red is a sign of good luck and good intention.
Some other characteristics describe their loyalty to the government and communist party as well as their respect for the elderly and ancestors. But most importantly what should be understood is that the likelihood of accomplishing success in business or in negotiation with the Chinese all revolves around the presence of Guanxi or good personal relationships.

United States
Next off is the American culture or United States of America, which are nowadays still the biggest national economy and probably the most powerful country in the world (economically talking). This was partly due to their victory of the Second World War and