A Comparison of negotiation style

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University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

Dimensions of Success in Business Negotiation
A Comparative Study of
Chinese and Thai Business Negotiators

Term Paper
Spring, 2014

Sarawin Mangmeesapsin

Cross-Culture Management - IB508
Prof. Huang Zhenhua

Dimensions of Success in Business Negotiation
A Comparative Study of Chines and Thai Business Negotiators

1. Introduction

Negotiating with firms from different cultures face many challenges, from initiating and smoothing communication to establishing long-lasting relationships and mutual trust, as well as, from drafting agreements to delivering their offer conductions. To mention about Chinese
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People appreciate values of harmony, peaceful coexistence, kindness, modesty and sincerity in interpersonal relationship, which manifested these characteristics of Chinese business negotiation as patience (Confucian virtue), an orientation towards harmonious relationships (Concept of Taoism), and survival instinct (War stratagem) (Sebenius & Qian, 2008). i) Confucianism

Confucianism, a form of moral ethics and practical doctrine of interpersonal relationships, encompasses from the perspective of negotiation six core values: moral cultivation; importance of interpersonal relationships; family orientation; respect for seniority and hierarchy; pursuit of harmony and avoidance of conflict; and the concept of face (Sebenius & Qian, 2008).

ii) Taoism

Taoism emphasizes the creativity of life and harmony with nature. Conceptually, it posits as the key to life, finding the Tao, that is the law of nature, between two changing forces Yin and Yang, the negative and the positive, of the same phenomenon, which is to find a middle ground or compromise (Sebenius & Qian, 2008). Yin and Yang depend on each other, exist within each other, give birth to each other, and succeed each other at different points in time, which obviously translated to the well-known


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