Business Communication

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2040MGT Business Communication

Reflective Essay

Student Name: KE PENG(Kiki)

Student ID: PEKED1002

Tutor: Anita Chard

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Due date:10/05/2012(Week 10)

Communication is a mutual exchange of understanding. Business communication is more formal than ordinary interpersonal interaction, which is regulated by certain norm and oriented by goals (Schoop, Köhne, & Ostertag, 2010). Through learning the Business Communication course, I had understood various communication concepts and theories. Additionally, I have further developed my understanding of interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics through applying concepts into practical group work. On one hand, interpersonal communication can involve
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This is explained by Maria, Reid, Ross and Schoch (2010), the competitive group working style mostly happens in limited resource working environment such as getting a higher position in a company, or being the champion in a contest; if the same reward can be obtained for every member in the team, there will be less willing of competition inside of the team.

Although the collaboration was generally smooth and productive, the equity and imbalance of task assignation and quality could not be ensured. For example, we had spent a quite long period of time in deciding who should do what, yet still experienced arguments of distribution of work later after assignation. Judeh (2011) claims this is the failure of overused collaboration. Collaboration can be time-consuming and it is often misunderstood with teamwork (Forrester & Tashchian, 2010). According to Maria et al. (2010), a team is created when manager need a particular problem or target to be achieved or solved by arranging a few people working closely. Team players may not like each other but the work can still be accomplished as long as there is an authority which can solve the disputes (Judeh, 2011). Nevertheless, collaborators may have share goals but the different perspectives of how to achieve goals and expectations about the goal may vary (Forrester & Tashchian, 2010). Riebe et al. (2010) add that collaborators cannot rely on a leader to solve differences as


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