Communication in Your Career

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Communication in your Career Field Report
Patrick R. Kennedy
Baker College

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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary
Effective communication is paramount for success in the field of Supply Chain Management. Continual communication between employees, managers, buyers, and customers is necessary to ensure processes and procedures are being followed. Proper, effective communication is the foundation for a strong and successful supply chain which increases the company revenue. There are a number of methods for communicating which include, but are not limited to; email, telephone, text messaging, face-to-face meetings, and virtual meetings.
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A message with grammatical errors, different types of fonts, or slang can greatly affect your professionalism. Meetings are also used as an important form of communication in the field of Supply Chain Management and can be held for a variety of reasons. Both face-to-face and virtual meetings occur regularly to ensure that all parties involved in the supply chain are communicating effectively. Managers and executives spend the most time in meetings. Jack Loechner, author of Meeting Optimization Too states, “Managers tend to organize seven meetings a week, and attend meetings they arranged. This means they spend at least 19 hours and 15 minutes, almost half their official working week, in meetings” (Meeting Optimization Too, 2009). Unfortunately, some meetings can be very unproductive and in result, a waste of time. Since some employees in the business field view meetings as inefficient, it is important to learn how to make them productive. First, as a supply chain manager, you must know when to call meetings. According to Guffey and Loewy (2015), “No Meeting should be called unless it is important, can’t wait, and requires an exchange of ideas. If people are merely being informed, send an email, text message, memo or letter” (p. 49). Ressella and Mattia (2013) explain the importance of face-to-face meetings in their article Re-visiting the supply chain: a communication perspective while they analyzed


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