Argumentative: Bibliography and Additional Information

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This material set-off in this fashion in the handout identifies the revision notation for these matters. Guidelines for the Argumentative/Persuasive Essay

Citing Sources

You are not to employ footnotes or endnotes in your essay. Rather, when you employ another's ideas or quote from a source in your essay, please employ the Modern Language Association, "MLA," format for in-text citations; the format is set forth in Keys, p. 144 et seq.

Quoting, Citing, and Referencing Source Material

Please also review the material on summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting material set forth in Keys, p. 122-25.

Works Cited Page

Given that your essays will contain references to sources that were employed in constructing the arguments in
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Rhetorical question/s
III. Works Cited page
IV. Appendix A/Outline page
V. Appendix B/Audience Profile of Jim Robinson viv a vis the author's attitude toward the essay's topic


Remember that coherence serves as a bonding agent that provides easy and logical transition between ideas and elements of the essay. For additional information, please review Keys, p. 279-80 and 325.


Remember to direct your writing to your audience for the semester-Jim Robinson. Please include your Audience Profile as Appendix B to the essay following the format set out in Appendix A. Remember to connect not only with your audience's rationality in order to encourage them to view the topic of your essay in the same fashion as you do, but also connect with your audience's beliefs and emotions as a means of persuading them. For an example of a writer connecting with what he believed would be a feeling and belief shared by his audience in order to encourage the audience to view an essay's subject in the same fashion in which the writer viewed the materials, please review The Penalty of Death. The essay is available at the following site: .
Mencken's use of the term "uplifters" in the first line of the essay and his use of the term "idiotic buffoonery" later in the essay exemplify the manner in which a writer can employ language in order to connect with a belief that his or her audience


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