Burger King Case Study

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Case Study #6 Burger King and Crispin

1. What are Burger King’s communication objectives for its tar-get audience?
In 2004, Burger King’s CEO Brad Blum realized that in order to compete with large chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, the company needed to market their product in ways that their target market would perceive better. The first set of commercials that Crispin produced for BK where targeted more towards the mainstream media in a series of offbeat ads that were a takeoff on the comedy series The Office and reinforced the message that each customer could have a custom-made burger. This zero ind on the product and focused on the phrase “Have It Your Way.” Next Crispin made a smart move and targeted their main customer: young
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If you type in key words to the message box on the bottom of the screen it will do most command that you ask. It is showing that Burger King is all about having it your way and if you want the chicken to do something it will. Burger King is also trying to show that they are willing to satisfy all your needs and wants. This is creating good publicity because they are willing to take on new things and do what is asked.
4. Do the TV and viral elements of BK’s campaigns work well together? What additional elements and media might Crispin add to the integrated marketing communications campaign?
TV and viral elements of BK’s campaigns do work well together. They are able to see all the new commercials on the television that are humorous and funny to watch. This kind of funny commercial will grab people’s attention and will get them to want to either eat there at Burger King or look at other advertisement ways such as youtube.com or websites. Burger King for example is luring in people’s attention by their commercials and then getting them curious about other funny advertisements and then they end up looking at it via internet seeing other videos or advertisements. These websites definitely offer funny, entertaining videos that display their products which only make people want to go eat there. Additional elements and media Crispin can add to the integrated marking communication campaign is social networking links such as maybe a facebook or twitter account. This


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