Susan Munro, Service Customer Analysis

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Susan Munroe, Service Customer

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June 29, 2010
The fast pace of advances in industrialized locations has increased the need for service, a process that creates benefits by facilitating either a
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Her silk blouse was ready but not the coat she needed for interview. Assistant has dirty fingernails, gave her an insincere apology, no eye contact. Store was convenient, quality is quite good but staff are unfriendly and unhelpful.)
*the frontline employees in a service firm have great impact on the success or failure of the enterprise. Customer-oriented employees must be well selected out of the applicants for they are the most suited type of people in service related jobs. * Planned to sched a new eye exam with optometrist. (Reminded her through letter of the need for exam.
*follow-ups help a lot in creating long term relationships with consumers, which is essential in inducing customer loyalty for the success of the service enterprise * Planned to try new dry-cleaning service. (promoted through leaflets, and with discount)
*Advertising and sales promotion are strategies that new service companies could use to induce “trial usage” of the service * Planned to have pizza delivered.
*additional services like delivery adds value for the customer, and could be used as promotional strategy to achieve an advantage over competitors

Alternative courses of action: A. Munroe could give her feedback relating to her observations on the areas of poor quality of service to the front line employees or if possible, the manager or owner of the service providers she patronizes.

Although some of the stated services actually provide good


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