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Fast Food Case Study

Burger King and McDonalds’ are two different fast food restaurants that both serve hamburger and fries, in a fast and friendly environment that is affordable. McDonalds, serves the notorious quarter pounder, while Burger Kings claim to fame is the charbroiled Whopper, both of which will be compared. The customer expectations, process of production, and the effectiveness are the factors in which separate these two, and recommendations after the case study will be prepared.
The process in which the meals are produced between McDonalds and Burger King are relatively the same. Food arrives and is frozen until it is ready to hit the assembly line, then batches of food are made and stored in various ways until they are
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Customer satisfaction truly is determined by each individual’s own specific tastes and needs. The greasy gooeyness of a premade and congealed hamburger appeals too many. The soggy salty fries of McDonalds have been a favorite for years. Burger Kings flame broiled taste and fresh ingredients are also a selling factor to many. The choice is dependent upon the person and the amount of time they have available to wait for their food. McDonalds and Burger King alike are comparative in their quality and quantity. The delivery is relatively satisfying, the menu and taste are what determines the customers own experiences.
The menu revamping that has focused on a healthier lighter for McDonalds has been widely accepted. The happy meal addition of sliced apples and a smaller bag of fries are appreciated. The addition of a BBQ menu for Burger King is, well, interesting. The two are similar and trending. They also offer a comparative experience. The recommendations that I would make to McDonalds would be to incorporate fresher ingredients on the burgers. Salads and ‘healthy chicken sandwiches’ are available, but a hamburger with crisp lettuce and tomato would be nice. Burger King has set the bar with quality ingredients. The only recommendation I would make is to make the experience a little less about the burger and more about the person. The process from start to finish focuses on the fact that you can completely customize your meal, not friendliness and making the