Barriers to Effective Listening

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This paper explores multiple studies on the many listening barriers in communication. Specifically, this paper focuses on a study done about the frequent listening barriers and how they can affect listening effectiveness. In addition, It discuses the many individual listening barriers. It explores six major listening factors that come from the multiple listening barriers. The main study this paper revolves around is conducted by Steven Golen (1990), conducted with university students and their opinions of frequent barriers to effective listening. The study explores the most frequently encountered listening barriers in communication.
Frequent Listening Barriers in Personal
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Golen’s study to determine which barriers perceived to be the most frequently encountered that effect listening effectiveness, was done at a major southwest state university. A number of students were sat through a lecture on different listening concepts, alongside a discussion of listening barriers and ways to overcome them. Random selections of students from that lecture were included in the study. Each student was handed a questionnaire containing twenty-five barriers to effective listening. After they filled them out a total of 279 questionnaires were collected to be used for the analysis.
The study was meant to identify the most common barriers that were discussed in listening literature. The students were supposed to determine their perception of the frequency of each barrier that could inhibit their listening effectiveness.
The problem the study was meant to address, was to answer these questions; How frequently do barriers to effective listening affect the listening process? What are the listening barrier factors? How do the listening barrier factors differ based on selected demographic variables? (Golen, 1990)
The study found; the relative frequency of listening barriers, the results of a factor analysis, and the relationship between demographic variables and factors.
The five most frequently occurring barriers that were found among students included; Listen primarily for details or


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